Frequently Asked Questions

You can either make a reservation online or give us a call on +91-7030012021. Specific information regarding you and your pet will be required to set up a profile and create a reservation.

Your pets will have a nice balanced routine with the mix of activities and relaxation while socializing with other compatible pets.

We have tied-up with local veterinarians who will be available to provide any emergency services for your pet during their stay.

Yes. There will be group play sessions with other compatible pets. If your pet has trouble with groups, individual play sessions can be arranged. Additional play times can also be purchased for your pet.

Please call us at least 24-hours prior to your stay to inform about your change of plans, so the room can be made available for other guests. We charge a booking deposit for pre-bookings as follows:
Non-festive Season - 10% of your reservation charges
Festive Season - 25% of your reservation charges
This deposit will be non-refundable in case of cancellations. However the same can be utilized if booking is preponed or postponed.

Tick/Flea treatment is mandatory for day care & boarding guests. Please provide proof that your pet has undergone treatment within 2 weeks prior to boarding. If that is not available you will be required to buy the spot-on treatment provided at the facility. The cost for the same would be 350/-.

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We offer a variety of pet services for dogs & cats of all breeds and ages. We use only high-quality products that suit the needs of your pet. Discover our services below.

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