Our Team

An old idea finally came to fruition during the lockdown. The six of us came together to turn our dreams into reality. That dream was to do something for the pets we all so love. A full-fledged rehabilitation centre only for Pets!

Meghna Kulkarni

A counsellor by profession whose passion for innovative pursuits lands her here!

Shreya Bhat

A civil engineer who prefers building connections with canines and felines, instead!

Abha Bhosekar

Passionate traveller and crafter but an even more compassionate dog lover!

Akanksh Kobal

A manager who was accidentally born human. Have paws, will love.

Amey Patil

An event manager who believes pets just make every occasion better.

Suprabha Bhat

An engineer who was looking to fulfil her dream to love and work with four legged furry angels.

Qualified Personal Care For Your Pets

Services & Facilities

We offer a variety of pet services for dogs & cats of all breeds and ages. We use only high-quality products that suit the needs of your pet. Discover our services below.

Best Services for Your Furry Friend